Infant Oral Care

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Should I Bring My Infant To A Dentist?

Dr. Nishant suggests early visits to the dentist since they are extremely supportive and informational. These early visits allow him to both examine the child and also educate the parents on good dental health which can have significant long-term impact.

When Should I Bring My Infant ?

You should be bringing your child for the first time within six months of getting a first tooth. This should not be later than age one.

How To Prevent Early Childhood Tooth Decay?

Your child should not go to bed with any bottle other than a water bottle. Various sugar-containing liquids can lead to a condition commonly known as ‘baby bottle decay’

How Can I Take Care Of My Child's Dental Health At Home?

Infants do not have teeth that need to be brushed, however they do have gums that need to be cleansed gently every day. Careful use of toothbrush, to prevent plaque build-up, can begin once the first tooth emerges


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